Book Review – “Sanction” by Roman McClay

“Sanction” by Roman McClay

‘No one can be told what The Matrix is, you must see it for yourself.’


How does one begin to describe a masterwork such as “Sanction” in but a few hundred words?


In order to fully appreciate it, you must experience it. Any review will -through no fault of the reviewer- fall woefully short of describing this book, this tome. The fault lies in the Author of this piece, who has constructed a modern Classic (and I say this with no degree of hyperbole).

The trouble with attempting to summarize this book is in pinning down what genre it belongs to. Science-fiction? Political Drama? Dystopian Future? Historical Fiction, even?

“Sanction” defies and rises above all these labels. It spits on them and laughs at the sky after doing so.

(Again, no hyperbole)

Only a few pages into “Sanction” I realized that I had stepped into a world that I was wholly unprepared for. I started taking notes. I started Googling concepts McClay had effortlessly introduced and intertwined with others as he pushed his narrative forward. The magnitude of what the Author has attempted (and in my opinion succeeded in) is beyond impressive.

And even more impressive is that as laborious as this may sound, this book is hell of a lot of fun to read and get caught up in. Credit for this goes to McClay’s writing style, which is distinct, sharp, and unapologetic in its delivery.

“Pain demands a response.”


This last is the only warning I would give to any would-be reader. If you’re hoping to read an easily forgotten, straightforward narrative, this book is not for you.

This is a complex story, full of hard questions and never any easy answers. It is also a timeless book. It could have been written a hundred years ago, or a hundred years from now and still have a profound impact on the reader.

Because, as enjoyable as this book is, it is also an important book. It should be required reading. It’s messages are especially pertinent in these troubling and devisive times. As I said, hard questions.

Such as:

What does it say about a society how they regard the working class? Where is technology taking us as a race, and are we prepared for the destination? Why do we repeat the mistakes from our historical and ancestral past? Can we escape that past?

The Author tackles these issues with such authority and graceful insight that this book could have just as easily been called “Clarity.” You feel as though you’re looking into a very probable future (and what looks back at you should scare you a little).

Oh, and this is only BOOK 1 of 3!

I highly recommend this book and am eagerly awaiting the next part of this epic.

Find it on Amazon (available on Kindle and Paperback) here.

3 thoughts on “Book Review – “Sanction” by Roman McClay

      1. I’ll admit I had some apprehension (like a couple of pages in) that I’d maybe gotten in over my head. But the author’s style and knowledge of his subjects helps you along the way. I also didn’t try to steamroll through it (probably would have resulted in an aneurysm) but took my time and let some of the concepts stew. It’s thought provoking stuff, but a lot of fun.


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