“Going Gone” – The First Chapter

The Jewel Thief In order to allow for new growth, the old must often be felled, burned away to the ashes. This is as true of forests as it is the constructs of men. And as a single thunderous current can engulf an ancient forest in flame, a solitary strike of violence can erase the oldest of men’s foundations. On this day, such a strike … Continue reading “Going Gone” – The First Chapter

The Joys and Heartaches of Short Stories

As I continue finding ways to promote my anthology, I keep being reminded of why I’ve always enjoyed both the writing and the reading of short stories. I remember as an elementary student reading short stories such as “Leiningen Versus the Ants” and “The Cold Equations”, as well as short excerpts of longer stories like “The Hobbit”. As my love of reading began to grow … Continue reading The Joys and Heartaches of Short Stories

“Ozarks at Large” Interview about “Going Gone”

This interview was recorded last week as part of the station’s “Ozarks at Large” program that features local artists, authors, and events. I was extremely honored to have been asked to do this interview, and was quite pleased that the interviewer, station news director Kyle Kellams, took an interest in my anthology. He had some interesting questions for me, and though I was a bit nervous … Continue reading “Ozarks at Large” Interview about “Going Gone”

Reader’s Favorite – Book Review

Going Gone by Abraham Lopez is a unique novel, a single story with deep layers. A tragedy strikes, the assassination of one man in the Middle East, and the lives of different people go spiraling out of control. Readers encounter a CIA agent, the military, and a host of other characters, including seemingly ordinary people, as they struggle to reconnect the dots and get an understanding of events in a world spiraling out of control. But who is behind the assassination? The killing of Saiid will rouse the most powerful and resourceful anti-Western groups in the Persian Gulf region. And who is responsible for this tragedy? Can the retired CIA director, now living with a terminal condition, fathom it out? Continue reading Reader’s Favorite – Book Review

10 Most Offensive Names in Nature that Need to be Updated

The Animal Kingdom. Majestic. Breathtaking. Also, masogonistic and racist and outdated. Even the name, Animal Kingdom, amirite? It should at least be the Animal Hierarchy, or, better yet, the Animal Republic. Aside from that, however, are scores of animals saddled with horribly white male-centric naming conventions and embarrassing references to the whims of early explorers. There are hundreds of animals that should be renamed for … Continue reading 10 Most Offensive Names in Nature that Need to be Updated