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Abraham’s most recently published work is the anthology “Going Gone,” which is currently available as an eBook at all major online booksellers, as well as in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For a limited time $2.99 eBook ($5.99 reg.) / 9.99 Paperback ($12.99 reg.)! Prices going up soon, so get your copy today! Prices go up at midnight on July 18, 2018

So, what is “Going Gone” about, exactly?

It’s about a modern day Franz Ferdinand.

You remember Ferdinand, who was assassinated, causing the start of World War I.

But who was Franz Ferdinand, really?

Simply the right human domino, pushed over at the right (or wrong) time.

”Going Gone” takes this historical example and updates it, setting the scene for another set of calamities in our modern time.

But this anthology is not a play-by-play of government actions and military reactions.  It is comprised of 12 stories from 12 very different viewpoints.

Yes, some of them will be from the vantage point of powerful people as they attempt to mitigate a coming geopolitical and military storm.  But others are very personal, and about everyday people coping with what has befallen both America and the world.

It’s sometimes thrilling, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. It’s heartbreaking and tremendous and a catalog of humanity.

In this way, ”Going Gone” is about all of us.  What we would face if something like this happened.

What we could face.

And, more importantly, it’s about where we find ourselves when all we know is lost…

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