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#bookReview "this book was an amazing read and will be a winner for those into Conspiracy Theories" — Read on

“Going Gone” – The First Chapter

What is this anthology all about? Well, the following is just an appetizer to whet your appetite. A bit of forewarning, though, if you choose to take the plunge: It’s not all political intrigue and shadowy assassins.  It’s much more than that. Don’t get too close anyone.  Your favorite protagonist may not make it. The…

“Ozarks at Large” Interview about “Going Gone”

This interview was recorded last week as part of the station's "Ozarks at Large" program that features local artists, authors, and events. I was extremely honored to have been asked to do this interview, and was quite pleased that the interviewer, station news director Kyle Kellams, took an interest in my anthology. He had some interesting…

“Highly Recommended” -Goodreads Review

Full review here Excerpt from review: "Going Gone by Abraham Lopez is an anthology linked together with brilliant stories that pose some unanswerable questions. Each story feature a different protagonist, giving us various points of view, and examines a singular event in history, an assassination. Truly a different look at a dystopian life..." Amazon link…

Amazon Review – “Great Anthology…”

Read the entire Review here An Excerpt: "Lopez has taken an anthology and made it feel like a novel. Though each story follows a different character, the world here is rich and full of great writing. The characters are well-developed, all from different walks of life. This really puts the author's skills to the test,…

Reader’s Favorite – Book Review

Going Gone by Abraham Lopez is a unique novel, a single story with deep layers. A tragedy strikes, the assassination of one man in the Middle East, and the lives of different people go spiraling out of control. Readers encounter a CIA agent, the military, and a host of other characters, including seemingly ordinary people, as they struggle to reconnect the dots and get an understanding of events in a world spiraling out of control. But who is behind the assassination? The killing of Saiid will rouse the most powerful and resourceful anti-Western groups in the Persian Gulf region. And who is responsible for this tragedy? Can the retired CIA director, now living with a terminal condition, fathom it out?

Editorial Review – Going Gone

Great Editorial Review of my recently released anthology!

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Title: Going Gone

Author: Abraham Lopez

Genre: Anthology/Alternate History

Going Gone reads as a collection of short-story snapshots of what happens to a variety of Americans after a pivotal leader in the Middle East is assassinated and the blame is placed on the United States. Covering the despair, power plays, and religious fervor such an event could produce, the author creates a believable “end-of-the-world” scenario that plays out with cold accuracy and just a pinch of hope.

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