Book Review: “Finally, Some Good News” by Delicious Tacos

Finally Some Good News by Delicious Tacos

“I think I’ve made a huge mistake…”

Michael Bluth

Finally, Some Good News by author Delicious Tacos is a prescient and impressive accomplishment in writing. It’s also vulgar, unapologetic, offensive, and politically incorrect in almost every way imaginable.

Which is why I can’t recommend it enough.

This book, which I read in one sitting because it was so well written, is a treat to the reader because you realize from the start that the author is in full command of his voice, style, and narrative.

Speaking of style, the one with which Mr. Tacos writes is easy to grasp, as he forgoes quotation marks around dialogue and just lets the conversations flow. As you read the novel, the switch between characters talking and the narrative becomes seamless.

Now, if you didn’t get the hint from the first paragraph, this is where I’ll offer this warning. If you’re easily offended just keep walking. This book is unflinching in its description of a modern man, navigating his way through the world of Social Media, Dating Apps like Tinder, Sex and Relationships, Despair and Hope, and the state of the unstable world we find ourselves in.

But it’s also an honest book. Which is what made it so difficult to put down. Which is why I began reading it late on a Friday night and didn’t stop until early Saturday morning when I was done with it. Short (though non-linear) chapters with tight, well-thought out narratives made for a quick read and several days afterward of thinking, “What the hell was that?”

Now, I’ll not spoil any of the specifics of the story, but suffice it to say that it’s about a protagonist who’s trying to find himself, trying to find some form of happiness, who has doubts that happiness is even possible, and then there’s the whole End of the World situation (which will give you insight into the Michael Bluth quote at the beginning of this review).

This last should come as no surprise, there being a Mushroom Cloud on the cover of the book and all.

But it’s the lead up to, the surviving, and the aftermath of that calamity that is the story of Finally, Some Good News. And along the way (especially with all that is happing in the year 2020) you’ll surely ask yourself about the author, “How is he so spot on? Is he from the future?”

Like I said, Prescient.

It’s because the author is a person who has his finger on the pulse of the nation, who sees America for exactly what it is at this moment in time. It’s not always pretty or particularly flattering, but it is honest.

And there is beauty in that honesty.

I’ll likely add to this review with more specifics (along with some Spoiler Alerts in order to speak about certain parts of narrative) but for now do yourself a favor and buy it on Amazon here

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