Thank the Force for Rian Johnson

What can I say? I hated “The Last Jedi”. Not an uncommon take, I know, but it also made me appreciate other aspects of my life in an almost existential sort of self-reflection. However, if you think I’m some sort of Juanito-come-lately that isn’t a true Star Wars fan who’s just riding the current Last Jedi Sandcrawler of Hate, allow me to submit: Exhibit A: … Continue reading Thank the Force for Rian Johnson

“Going Gone” – The First Chapter

What is this anthology all about? Well, the following is just a starter to whet your appetite. A bit of forewarning, though, if you choose to take the plunge: It’s not all political intrigue and shadowy assassins.  It’s much more than that. Don’t get too close anyone.  Your favorite protagonist may not make it. The stories are all related, but they aren’t all just stories.  What I … Continue reading “Going Gone” – The First Chapter