Oblivious – a Short Story

He woke up on that fine day

In very much his usual way


A quick shower and a quicker shave

Then four eggs and toast he did crave


After breakfeast, he decided on a morning walk

Before it was time to punch the clock


Putting on his jacket and fingerless gloves

Scarcely hearing the streaking jets above


‘Round the block he decided to roam

He had the time, now that his office was home


He then put on headphones and cranked them full blast

Was locking up when several Green Jeeps went driving past


He felt a cold crisp new day, a lovely morn

And was absolutely unaware that in two, his country was being torn


From a second story window Mrs. Thomas waved down at him

He waved back at this neighbor and kept walking with vim


He hadn’t noticed her face of panicked consternation

Or that she was at that moment a victim of an armed home invasion


No, he was busy listening to the latest Pandora suggestions

To be aware of the sirens blaring out from all directions


An Abrams Tank almost leveled him at First and Sloan

As he was looking down, reading a text on his new iPhone


It read: “OMG! this country is going straight to Hell!!”

He rolled his eyes, wishing his dad wasn’t under a Right-Wing spell


He then stopped for a moment at a park bench

Giving a fiver to a sleeping bum, just to be a mensch


Dropping the bill into the styrofoam cup

He then gave a gentle pat to the homeless man’s pup


The night before some thugs had bashed in the bum’s head

So unbeknownst to our man the bum was already dead


“I’m gonna be late getting back if I don’t pick up the pace”

Having no idea a errant Hellfire missle had just obliterated his place


“But, I guess I can finish the crossword puzzle I just downloaded”

He thought, looking down, in time to miss an “Anarchy NOW!” banner being unfolded


Death and Destruction, Fire and Mayhem

He missed it all, but 15-Down, hmmm…Jason Statham!


54-Across was tricky, ten letters, _EVOL_ _ _ _ _

“An Object’s Spin or a Major Social Upheaval”


Though the Internet had already gone dark, he thought, “I’ll Google it, I gotta-“

But just then a sniper’s bullet eviscerated his Medulla oblongata

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